A Long Drive Home-"Breathe" (New Official Music Video Release)

A Long Drive Home, probably one of the most anticipated pop punk Guam band this year (since the members retired from their previous band formerly known as Flinched). They have just released a new music video for their song "Breathe", a song that is part of their upcoming/debut album, set to release sometime soon.

This video was well put together, from the story line to the execution, on top of the song being awesome in itself. It definitely will give the viewers all the feels if they have ever been in that situation (portrayed in the video), especially being from Guam. 

Big ups to all those involved (A Long Drive Home, Acoustic Attack, & Brian Muna), definitely adds a lot of credential to our music scene, and hopefully more people will become inspired by this. We can't wait for this album and any upcoming shows they may be having. Check out the "Breathe" video below...  

New Band Alert: Bedrooms

Bedrooms, one of the newest editions to the music scene. Definitely excited for this band, and cant wait to hear more from them. Check out their small interview and video below of their debut performance from Sunday Showcase at Live House Guam.

Band Name?

We are bedrooms.

Band Members Names?

Jonathan Perez (Guitar), Anthony Sablan (guitar), Joseph Hernandez (bass), and Dan Ganacias (drums).

What's the meaning behind the name/ or how did you come up with the name?

Well, during the early stages of the band it was just me (Jonathan) and Ant playing guitar with a drum machine. We were throwing out ideas for band names for a few weeks when Ant came up with bedrooms. It really stuck with me and I felt that it fit the kind of music we wanted to make. It was something that's comfortable and personal. The band members that joined after (Dan and Joe) liked it as well. They said that their bedroom is usually the place they think of when they would listen to or make new music.

Music Genre you would categorize yourself/or your band?

According to In the Mix, we are an "alternative rock band with an indie pop feel" haha. What does that even mean? Honestly though, we don't really know. We wrote things that were more shoegaze-y when we first started, but later we enjoyed playing and writing things that are more like indie rock. We're still trying to figure that out.

What are your musical influences?

I know Ant likes The Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna, and Bob Dylan. For Joe it's The Pixies, Northstar, and Future Islands. Dan enjoys Car Seat Headrest and Tennis. As for me (Jonathan), I like American Football, Bark Psychosis, and Toe. There's so much more to list, honestly. We try to bring all of our influences into our music.

Any Shoutouts?

I wanted to do one for my Auntie Lyn for letting us use her garage to practice and for taking care of whatever we needed. Also, to our bassist Joe. He left to Vegas for good and we hope he reads this.

Matala-BeautifulUniverseMasterChampion (And So I Watch You From Afar Cover)

Matala one of Guam's most technical bands on the scene, played a cover of "Beautiful Universe Master Champion" by And So I Watch You From Afar; at the University of Guam Fine Arts Theatrer during the Los Ladrones Music Festival 2017. Based on this cover there is nothing too technical these guys can't accomplish. Shout out to Matala for being such a great band/contribution to the local music scene. Check out the video below...(Video credit to Jed Espino)

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert: The Bleachers

The Bleachers, one of my favorite modern new wave bands, was featured on NPR's tiny desk concert. Their lead singer Jack Antonoff, has been doing music for years, and has written for so many great artists; one of his biggest contributions being Taylor Swift's 1989 album, which has gone multi-platinum in multiple countries. Also, being a huge fan of drive-thru records (a record label who produced a lot of pop punk bands such as New Found Glory, The Early November, The Starting Line, and more), I did not know that Steel Train (another great band I used to listen to, who was part of the drive-thru records umbrella) was one of Jack Antonoff's first bands he was apart of. Then he later went on to be part of the band Fun, which again I must say another one of his awesome bands (who's songs include "Some Nights", "We are Young", and "Carry On"). So I guess you can say I am a fan of Jack Antonoff's work, but I do appreciate this band as a whole. Enjoy. 

Halloween Costume Party @ Live House

If you dont have any plans for Halloween, or even if you do, be sure to check out One Punch Media Production’s Halloween Costume Party at Live House. They have a good line up of bands definitely worth seeing.  

When: Oct 28 2017 (Doors Open @ 8pm)

Where: Live House

Who: One Punch Media feat Bands (NVRDRMT, Okas Point, Local Deluxe, & Fell Into Fracture)

How Much: FREE (must be 18 years or older)

 What: Halloween Costume Party

Why: Because it’s gonna be a good time with good music! 



Pop Rocks & Soda x Binary Sunset LIVE

Congratulations to Pop Rocks & Soda on their Island Music Award win for "Best Rock Band"! Super well deserved. We had the honor to feature them for our latest segment "Binary Sunset LIVE", where we go outside the studio and film in a totally different environment.

This latest group of videos feature their newest originals, "Unlikely Royalty" and "Liquid Purpose". They are currently working in the studio to release an EP in the near future. 

Thank you to Pop Rocks & Soda as well as the Guam Museum for allowing us to film. Enjoy. 

The John Dank Show-"Running Away" (Official Music Video)

The John Dank Show, one of the bigger names in our island music community, has recently released their latest single "Running Away". In collaboration with Mighty Island, a premier local film agency, they have put together an amazing music video. If you have ever seen Mighty Island's work, you know it is nothing short of visual bliss. Check out the video below and feel free to share it with people who would definitely appreciate it! Big ups to The John Dank Show for their continued contribution to the music scene.

Random Nostalgic Songs...

Just wanted to post up 5 random songs that really bring back a certain time period. There are so many songs from the past and so many decades to choose from (even from decades that some of us were not in existent yet, but speak to us some how; maybe your parents used to rock out to it when you were younger cause it brought back memories for them).  

If you have any random song suggestions you think would be great to post up, feel free to shoot us an email of your list binarysunsetgu@gmail.com. We would love to hear your suggestions/input of what songs bring you back to simpler times. For now, hope you enjoy our picks.

Alient Ant Farm-Movies

Sum 41-In too Deep

Lit-My Own Worst Enemy

Sugar Ray-Fly

Green Day-Basket Case

Upcoming Show Alert: Surrender the Thief

Surrender the Thief is one of the latest bands to add to the arsenal of bands coming out of Guam's local music scene. They will be having a show coming up November 25th 2017 at Old Traditions in Tumon; play teaser for more information.


Genre: Deathcore / Metal / Hardcore

To find out more about the band check them out on the different social media platforms (listed below):

GAX x POW WOW x Tumon Bay Festival

Thank you GAX for allowing us to show case some of Guam's talent during GAX x POW WOW GUAM x Tumon Bay festival. It gave the local artists, who played, a chance to show their talents to a bigger crowd. There are many talented musicians here on the island and the more everyone can work together the more everyone grows. GAX bringing POWWOW to Guam is such a huge deal, not just for the art community, but also for Guam. It was such an honor that GAX allowed us to host the stage, thank you.

All in all, this was such a great experience. It was super awesome to see locals, military, and tourist vibing out to our local bands. Thank you to the bands for bringing your awesome energy, it was definitely an awesome time.


Photos That Got Lost In the Sauce (Los Ladrones Festival 2017 Photoshoot)

Here are photos from our Los Ladrones 2017 band photoshoot. Just another typical awkward family photo album that we want everyone to enjoy, just as much as we & the bands did taking them. 

Band: Dave (from NVRDRMT)


Band: Beyond the Tide

Band: Local Deluxe

Band: Matala

Band: Fat Tofu

Please be sure to check out these bands on spotify/apple music and some of them you can find on our watch link. Also give them a follow on their social media pages such as instagram and twitter. 

NVRDRMT: (instagram: @nvrdrmt)

Beyond the Tide: (instagram: @beyondthetide671)

Local Deluxe: (instagram & twitter: @localdeluxegu)

Matala: (instagram: @matala_theband twitter: @matala_gu)

Fat Tofu: (twitter: @fattofugu) 

New Merch!!!


Available online now! Visit our shop link in the drop down menu...all proceeds from our merch sales go to funding Los Ladrones Music Festival & future projects! Our existence is to help contribute to and build the music scene as much as we can. There are many contributors that make our scene continue to grow and progress, and if we can help contribute to that...we will. Thank you to all our supporters and musicians! More things to come.

Paramore's New Album: "After Laughter"

Paramore? With their  5th studio album "After Laughter", Paramore has really changed their sound that defines them.  They have started to stray from their punk-pop roots, but this is a new chapter and it does not fall short of greatness. “After Laughter” is a refreshing new piece with a modern twist on 80s/90s indie rock. With music and fashion coming full circle with the 90s in full effect again, this is just a great new edition to what defines pop culture today. I truly miss the old Paramore, but this is a new and exciting Paramore to look forward to.


Dreamcar, or as a lot of audience would call them the "No Doubt x AFI super band". As much as this new collision of two amazing bands has a totally different sound, one can't help but feel the a small hint of nostalgia from both sides. The former No Doubt musicians are really bringing back a little of that grass root No Doubt feel with a modern feel and a hint of the 80s/90s. While the former AFI vocalist, Davey Havok, brings his unique sound (which one can't help be reminded of AFI) to the band which oddly enough, reaches a certain pitch that can be somewhat comparable to that of Gwen Stefani (or maybe I'm just really looking out for it to ressurect No Doubt through Dreamcar). Non-the-less this new sound/band is truly enjoyable in its own right.