Stax Grand Opening/Block Party Recap

Huge congratulations to the homies at Stax, they just recently kicked off their grand opening with a block party in the heart of Hagatna. We are super grateful to be part of this event cause it definitely was a vibe (for lack of a better word). I think everyone can agree they enjoyed themselves that night. It was just an all around night that included skate/fashion/food/beer the works. We had the honor of handling the music along side Skratchers Guam. Huge shout out to the bands that played that night as well (Local Deluxe, Fat Tofu, The John Dank Show, & 4 for 4). It was definitely a great line up to top the night off. Check out the video for the recap…Enjoy!

NEW MUSIC: Bedrooms - "Swept Up"

One of Guam’s local indie rock bands has released a new single, “Swept Up”. To listen to the song just hit the play button above. Also if you want to find out more about bedrooms just check out their band camp page by clicking the playlist above. AND you can also watch their Binary Sunset Session which can be found in our sessions link or you can click the link below:

Definitely can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store. They bring such a different vibe (for lack of a better word) to the Guam Music Scene and would love to see an EP soon…hint hint guys.

GAX 2018 Recap

Huge congrats to the Guam Art Exhibit (GAX) who celebrated their 10 year anniversary back in November 2018. They included us in the festivities and we could not be more thankful for the opportunity. They allowed us to host a couple of bands at the exhibit, which took place at the Plaza in Tumon. The fusion of art and music really brought a unique atmosphere into the space. I mean shoot NVRDRMT proposed there (which can be seen in the recap video above) and just recently got married (Congrats Reg & Dave). Just check out the video above. Enjoy!

JAPAN Tour! Feat. Fat Tofu & Local Deluxe

After many gigs and shows on Guam, the boys of Fat Tofu & Local Deluxe are finally taking it on the road...across the JAPAN!!! This marks the first tour ever for the two bands and what a dope place to start. They have been doing many fundraisers leading up to this, and the Guam music scene has been nothing but super supportive. Just being around the dudes you can tell they are super stoked but also have been putting in a lot of work to coordinating with the off island promoters. They have been planning for a while and it definitely isn't an easy feat, but if you put your heart and passion into the right places anything is possible.

If you are interested in seeing Fat Tofu and Local Deluxe on tour, see the info below:


Local Deluxe Info:

4/11 Kyoto: Gattaca

4/12 Kobe: Arthouse

4/13 OSAKA/Nara: The Clapper

4/15 Nara: Neverland

4/17 Tachikawa: Babel Rock

4/18 Shibuya: Cyclone

4/19 Shinjuku: Marz

4/20 Yokohama: 7th Avenue

Local Deluxe- "Enough" (Music Video)

Local Deluxe just released their latest single "Enough" just before their tour to Japan. I swear if there is one song I had on repeat this week it was this one. It has been released on all mediums Apple Music, Spotify, and a music video as well on YouTube. They totally came correct and to help fuel the Japan tour this just made sense. Can't wait to see what else they have in store for the Guam music scene. These guys have been on a roll. You can peep the music video above. Enjoy!