A Long Drive Home: Self Titled Album Release

A Long Drive Home-Self Titled (Genre: Rock)

A Long Drive Home-Self Titled (Genre: Rock)

A Long Drive Home: Self-Titled album, was one of the most anticipated albums to drop this year, and without fail they met the hype. This band has been so refined from over the years due to past ventures/bands they have taken part in. The album has been in the works for about over a year now, after the members retired their cover band Flinched to focus on this new project. It was definitely sad to see Flinched go, but if this is the outcome and creativity that comes from these guys putting aside the cover band, then by all means.

For Guam bands, being able to put out originals that measure up to the bands that they cover is one of the greatest ways to showcase talent, and these guys definitely measure up to that. It is great to have bands on Guam create their own music the island can enjoy and experience (the band live) without the stigma of having to buy expensive plane tickets. This is the type of culture/scene we need on this island (so please support your local musicians). 

The album was released on Nov. 24th 2017, so if you didn't preorder the album it is available now on all streaming platforms (spotify, apple music, etc.). 

Track List:

  1. "Our Getaway" (Feat. Jordan Salinas)
  2. "Breathe"
  3. "Blind Ambition"
  4. "Unclear Conscience"
  5. "The Great Deceiver"
  6. "Confessions of a Tired Soul"
  7. "Letters to Ashes"
  8. "For Arguments Sake"
  9. "ALDH"
  10. "Breathe" (Acoustic)

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