Artist Interview: Jed feat. Charlotte Mercado "The Low"

Band Name? 


Band Members Names?

Just char and I

What's the meaning behind the name/ or how did you come up with the name?

Jed is basically my real name "Jeddou" shortened. I used to run the name "Snoozix", but I recently decided to drop the name to embrace my real name and who I really am. "Snoozix" sounded a bit gimmicky to me and it was time to move on and grow.

Music Genre you would categorize yourself/or your band?

I consider myself a hip-hop/r&b artist, but I'm not subjected to just those genres. As an artist, I want to be versatile with my sound and not limit myself.

Why that Genre?

R&B has been a part of me since childhood and the culture of hip-hop intrigues me the most. Hip-and R&B allows me to test and showcase my abilities as a writer, singer, audio engineer and performer.

What moves you to create music?

For starters, I love being different. I enjoy doing things that sets me apart from the norm. Secondly, I love music! Everything about music excites me, from creating it, the friends you make, and the people you get to perform for, especially if you're doing it all the way from a small place like Guam. Everything about it is amazing.

What are your musical influences?

I have many, but if we're only hovering around the subject of hip-hop I'd say Biggie, Andre 3000, Kendrick, Cole, and Chance.

If you could perform anywhere in the world (country, city, venue,etc...) where would it be?

I aim to perform anywhere around the world, but my ultimate goal and dream is to have a show in the heart of Tumon Bay. I'm talking a HUGE block party along with a bunch of other local artists on the line-up with a big stage, a crazy sound set up, and oh yeah FREE for the public. 

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

I'd like to give a shout out to god, my mom, my fam, my girlfriend Marissa, my friends, Dreamstorm/Project:Inspire, Charlotte for the singing the hook of "the low", everyone who supports my music and the local music scene and last but not least Binary Sunset for this opportunity!