New Music Alert: Local Deluxe

Local Deluxe the newest punk/pop/rock band coming out of Guam's local music scene.

Vocals/Guitar-Christian Sumalpong // Bass-Christian Delgado // Drums-Jose Cruz (studio)/Gino Datuin (live)

Definitely been waiting for this EP to drop for some time. I remember when I heard "Stay the Same" for the first time and I was asking Jordan Hardy (producer) "who is this?". I thought it might've been a band I missed out on back in 2005, because I probably just never came across them. Then Jordan mentioned it was a local band called "Local Deluxe" and he was working on producing their album, and I was all like "wha?! no freakin way? that's awesome". Hearing the song definitely brought me back to the days where it was all about knowing the underground bands, collecting CDs, and rocking all your favorite band's merch. The days where punk rock was the genre of choice, and battle of the bands was an actual thing to look forward to every other month on Guam. 

Bottom line this album release is exciting and nostolgic, hope everyone gets themselves a copy not just cause its good but it's supporting local talent....Big ups to Local Deluxe on this album, and the name.