Photos That Got Lost In the Sauce (Los Ladrones Festival 2017 Photoshoot)

Here are photos from our Los Ladrones 2017 band photoshoot. Just another typical awkward family photo album that we want everyone to enjoy, just as much as we & the bands did taking them. 

Band: Dave (from NVRDRMT)


Band: Beyond the Tide

Band: Local Deluxe

Band: Matala

Band: Fat Tofu

Please be sure to check out these bands on spotify/apple music and some of them you can find on our watch link. Also give them a follow on their social media pages such as instagram and twitter. 

NVRDRMT: (instagram: @nvrdrmt)

Beyond the Tide: (instagram: @beyondthetide671)

Local Deluxe: (instagram & twitter: @localdeluxegu)

Matala: (instagram: @matala_theband twitter: @matala_gu)

Fat Tofu: (twitter: @fattofugu)