Jaret Castro's Bday (Pop Rocks & Soda X Binary Sunset) RECAP

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Jaret Castro on this 22nd birthday, as well as the live music scene. That night was such a success and it is all thanks to those who support the scene. Being able to see Pop Rocks & Soda, Local Deluxe, as well as a few DJs from the DJ scene (Tom Foolery & Jay Edwards) all collab on one night, gave people a unique event to enjoy. Guam has so much potential (we cannot stress this enough), and there is a scene, and it definitely can use as much attention as possible. We need to continue to encourage our artists, whether its Bands, DJs, or any art for that matter, because there is a growing platform for them to truly be appreciated and we want to help cultivate that (which can only be with the help of everyone). Anyways with that said, check out the photos below from that night at Cowboy Ninja.


Also shout out to everyone who made this possible:

  • Pop Rocks & Soda
  • Local Deluxe
  • Miller Lite Guam
  • Cowboy Ninja
  • Jay Edwards
  • Tom Foolery
  • Jaret Castro for turning 22