Emo Nite LA

With our version of a pop punk/emo/screamo/punk rock nostalgia party coming up,, we can't help but to share where "My Friends Over You" influence has come from. EMO Nite LA is an epic nostalgia party hosted by three individuals (Morgan Freed, Babs Szabo, & T.J. Petracca) who run under the brand EMO Nite. What started off in Los Angeles, California is now something that is spreading nation wide. Although I was never able to experience an EMO Nite, I did grow up on that music, which was the soundtrack for my middle/high school life and still love it to this date. Binary Sunset wanted to throw our version of EMO Nite called "My Friends Over You" (click here for info), in hopes of bringing something like EMO Nite, or similiar,  to the Guam Music scene.  Check out the EMO Nite video below for all its awesomeness that this event radiates.