My Friends Over You (Feb. 4th 2018)

Photos Taken By: John Bascon @sayonarajohn


Where to even start? First off thank you to everyone who came through, packed the house, and sang your lungs out till you lost your voices (lol cause I know I did); you guys truly made the first My Friends Over You what it was with the energy you brought to the show! You guys were beyond awesome.

Thank you to all the bands (Local Deluxe, The Moment You've Been Waiting For (TMYBWF), & Fat Tofu) who killed it up on that stage and gave the audience a good freakin time. I swear hearing the bands covering the songs for the first time during sound check I was like, "ok I can die happy now", but then add in the crowd energy during the show it was a whole other level of excitement. 

Thank you to Club Icon in Tumon for taking us on and providing such an awesome venue for the event. These guys were super supportive and allowed us full creative freedom of the entire event and we are more than grateful. That place was taken to max capacity.

Thank you to the food trucks (Z's Green Canteen & The Food Truck Guam) for being there and supplying the show goers with good chow. You guys were awesome and I am glad you had time to enjoy the show yourselves. Truly appreciate your presence.

Thank you to Rich Rocks from Hit Radio 100 for being a great host, Jordan Salinas may think otherwise....ayyyy just jokes.  

Last but not least special thanks to IWS Guam & Strong Bow for supplying the people with awesome drinks. 

To all the people who took time out to help us out during the show, we thank you! 

This is something Binary Sunset definitely wants to continue and hopefully bring you another awesome show in the near future; we hope everyone had a good time. If there was anything you felt we could improve on, have any suggestions for the next show, or just want to say hi shoot us an email ( or click the contact link in the menu bar)

...till then We Are Your Friends.

-Binary Sunset Guam (Here For The Music)