Fat Tofu's New Album Coming Soon...

Yoooo! Fat Tofu is finally releasing their new album "Heart Eater" on VINYL! This album is featuring all their new stuff they have been show casing during their gigs the past year. They also have other Guam artist featured on this upcoming album (Jed, Charlotte Mercado, & Veronica Cruz). On top of being able to get their new music/songs, its also going to be available on VINYL! Crazy! AND...on top of that, the B side of this vinyl has their previous/first album. Oh and FYI it's purple, like, for real? Much work and detail has gone into the making of the album and the vinyl packaging itself. 

It is definitely nice to see the Guam bands still interested in putting out physical copies in all forms (vinyl or CD) on top of their digital copies. The last time (if I'm not mistaken) that any of the Guam bands released on vinyl was back in 2015, Matala's "Resurface" Album. I hope this springs a wave of Guam artists/musicians/bands considering putting more physical copies out there. 

Anyways, track list for the "Heart Eater" vinyl include:

Side A

  1. Heart Eater
  2. You (feat. Charlotte Mercado)
  3. Ocho (feat. Jed).
  4. Skaski

Side B:

  1. Self-Respect
  2. 9 to 5
  3. Fly Over Me (feat. Charlotte Mercado)
  4. I.A.I.O
  5. Redemption Song (feat. Veronica Cruz) *A Bob Marely Cover

For more information about the release, see video above or click the link below to learn more or pre-order your copy today.