New Session Video Out Now! Featured Band: Okas Point


Out now! New studio session with non other than the boys of Okas Point. With this studio session we have decided to do something different by adding a small kind interview with the band as well as the entire uncut studio session. Okas Point was such an awesome band to start off this new style, because these guys are non stop hilarious and super entertaining. 

On top of their awesome originals with their super catchy/imaginative lyrics, these guys also pulled off a killer Pup Medley. So much so that they gave me a better appreciation for Pup...LOL! These guys have so much talent, definitely can't wait to see what they have in store next for the Guam music scene.   

The band's set list includes:

  1. 2 Fingers (Okas Point Original)
  2. I'm Not On Drugs I Swear (Okas Point Original)
  3. Pup Medley (If This Tour Doesn't Kill You & DVP)
  4. Skinny Mom Jeans (Okas Point Original)

Thank you to all involved in this episode. Thank you to Okas Point for blessing us in studio and being quite the entertainment. Also good luck to the band as they make their journey to play for a music festival! Super stoked for your guys, we know you will represent well! 

Huge shout out to Bob Gnarly for being such a great host! Bob Gnarly can also be found on Guam's very own public radio, KPRG, hosting Taste Buds.

Watch the video below!