My Friends Over You (Vol. 1) Playlist

We FINALLY created a spotify, and we will be putting together a bunch of playlists from shows or just anything we feel is worth sharing. Check out our first playlist we created based on the more recent show we had, "My Friends Over You". The playlist is based on the songs the bands covered at the show that happened Feb. 4th 2018 at club icon. If you were there, thank you for strolling through, if not we hope you can enjoy this playlist anyways!

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The Starting Line-"Best of Me" (Live)

This is probably the best video of this song played live; only saying that because I remember watching this on the Drive Thru Records DVD Vol. 2, religiously. The Starting Line was just one of the many awesome pop-punk bands to come out of the Drive Thru Record Label family (which also gave us many other greats like New Found Glory, The Early November, RX Bandits, Finched, Senses Fail, etc...just to name a few). YouTube did not exist at the time, so the fact that we were forced fed to watch whatever they put on DVD made this version all the more special cause there were no other options, even with that said though it is probably one of the better versions regardless (they wouldn't waste their money putting junk on a DVD, or maybe they would be cause that is a punk rock attitude lol). Anyways I digress, enjoy the video above and hopefully you get the feels as much as I do when you hear the crowd singing awesome.