Christian Sumalpong - Vocals/Guitar
Christian Delgado - Bass
GIno Datuin - Drums

Jose Cruz recorded drums for our self-titled EP

Local Deluxe Q&A

1.) Band Name? We are Local Deluxe.

2) Band Members Names? Christian Sumalpong (vocals/guitar), Christian Delgado (bass), Gino Datuin (drums). Jose Cruz recorded drums for our self-titled EP.

3) What's the meaning behind the name/ or how did you come up with the name? Local Deluxe is the latest incarnation of our (Christian S and Christian D) older bands (RIP Perfecting Failure/Lightning Round), and in our early days we would often spend time eating Local Deluxe platters at 4am at our old drummer's house (shoutsout to Dmiggs). So the current name is in memory of those good old days.

4) Music Genre you would categorize yourself/or your band? We would categorize ourselves as a straight-up rock band, heavily influenced by pop-punk and alternative music and just a lot of other things.

5) Why that Genre (see question 3)? We make this kind of music because we grew up listening to a lot of artists with this sound, so we just wanted to put our own flavor into the mix. We also just want to make whatever we want and have fun.

6) What moves you to create music? Christian S:  What moves me to make music is simply the feeling you get when you're in the process of creating it, which is unlike any other. I also enjoy the aspect of creating a sound that a a lot of people can connect to and hear themselves in.

Christian D: I love playing in bands. Hearing everything come together to create a common sound has always motivated me to play in a group.

Gino: I remember my sisters and cousins first teaching me the guitar in elementary, then in high school I volunteered to play bass, and took drum lessons for a few months. Ever since then, making music has always been very fun and expressive to me. I guess you can say that's what moves me to create music.

7) What are your musical influences? Christian S: I'm influenced by a lot of different styles of music, but primarily by some of my favorite punk and indie/emo artists like The Story So Far and Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Pet Symmetry, Their / They're / There). Sum 41 and blink-182 were also the ones to really start it off for me back in 6th grade. 

Christian D: I would say I'm influenced by several genres of music, mostly rock and jazz. Some of these influences include the Beatles (more specifically Paul McCartney), Vulfpeck, and Mac DeMarco. Early on I've also been influenced by a number of different pop punk bassists like Mark Hoppus from blink-182.

Gino: I get influenced by all kinds of music. Early on, there was a lot of Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Paramore. BADBADNOTGOOD and Chon are really awesome. Lately I've been really diggin' Hiatus Kaiyote's latest album. 

8) If you could perform anywhere in the world (country, city, venue,etc...) where would it be?  Christian S: I want to play all over the world. If i had to narrow it down, I'd wanna play at 924 Gilman Street and Chain Reaction in California... or also The O2 in London. 

Christian D: Honestly, nothing too crazy. I would to do a rooftop concert similar to what the Beatles did, but I'd probably wanna play in a small club somewhere in Seattle or SF.

Gino: Wembley Stadium, just because my parents would have Queen's performance there playing on DVD in my living room back in middle school. It just looked insane. 

9) Anyone you want to give a shout out to? Christian S: I wanna give a warm shoutsout to my parents Noel and Che, who support me 100% even all the way from San Francisco. I miss and love them very much. I'd also like to give a shoutsout to my siblings Carl and Cheri, the DD and KK gang, the Kicks Bois, and the Dreamstorm/Inspire fam. Lastly, a big shoutsout to my girlfriend Bartola.

Christian D: I'd like to give a shoutout to my girlfriend, Aly, as well as my parents for always supporting me both emotionally and financially. Also a big shoutout to my dog, Winston.

Gino: I'd like to give a shoutout to my two sisters, Gera and Gemma, and my two cousins, Jireh and Jo. I feel like they've been a big influence in my taste in music. Also to my girlfriend, Hanna. She introduced me to a lot of great music ever since I met her almost six years ago.