My Friends Over You (Feb. 4th, 2018)

“Though you swear that you are true I still pick...”!!!  My Friends Over You, happening Sunday February 4th (5pm to 9pm for all those who have work and want to be responsible human beings) is our first installment of many “pop punk nostalgia” parties to come. Be ready to sing till your heart and lungs fall out your throat. We will be featuring local bands who will put you in a time portal back to the time where MySpace was the social network of choice and pop punk was the genre that curated your MySpace profile.  For all the details please see flyer below...(Must be 18 years or older to enter)


When: Sunday, Feb. 4th 2018 (5pm to 9pm) 

Where: Club Icon in Tumon, Guam


  • Local Deluxe (Blink 182) 
  • Moment Youve Been Waiting For (Taking Back Sunday) 
  • Fat Tofu (New Found Glory) 


  • The Food Truck
  • Z’s Green Canteen  

Special Thanks: 

  • Stong Bow (IWS Guam) 
  • Club Icon